Live-in Care

Definition of Live-In-Caregiver
A live-in caregiver resides with the person they care for and is available to assist them any time of the day or night. Live-in caregivers are given a room and are expected to sleep, but they are “on call” if the care recipient needs help during the night.

Live-in caregivers provide assistance with all activities of daily living as needed, including:
* assistance with mobility
* personal care, such as bathing, dressing and grooming
* housekeeping
* meal preparation/feeding
* laundry, including washing bedding weekly
* transportation

They also provide assistance with healthcare needs such as:
* safety supervision
* medication administration
* assistance with therapy and physical exercise
* checking vital signs
* diabetes care
* post-surgical care
* dementia care

What You Can Expect from a Dakota Home Care Live-In Caregiver

* More than just an employee
As someone who will be caring for you or your loved one for the majority of each day, the live-in caregiver will become a companion, and friend and a part of the family. They will get involved in daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and other housekeeping tasks, as well as hobbies and recreational activities. The more the caregiver is included in family activities, the more comfortable the arrangements will be for everyone involved.

* Respect for professional boundaries
All caregivers are responsible to delineate and maintain professional boundaries to provide patient-centered care. Our caregivers receive training and written guidelines to ensure that they don’t over-step established professional boundaries. Caregivers treat patients with respect for their individual needs and values, and promote patient autonomy and self-determination.

* Quality of service
All live-in caregivers must meet quality and safety standards and regulations. Clients and patients are always protected by the law. Our live-in caregivers are all highly qualified and trained, so you can expect the necessary level of care. Continuous reassessment of needs and requirements will be performed by the Dakota Home Care nursing staff to ensure that care is most effective and appropriate, as changing circumstances require. At all times the client and patient can expect to be treated with respect by the caregiver, regardless of their sex, cultural background and language, age, beliefs and disability.

* A Care Plan
Live-in caregivers are required to follow the plan of care prepared by our registered nurse. The care plan is individualized for each client and provides the structure that the live-in caregiver needs to give the best possible care. If needs change or the client, caregiver or a family member has any concerns, they should notify the case manager.

What the Caregiver Expects from You

* Time off
Live-in caregivers often work all day and sometimes get little sleep at night. They require a certain amount of time off, relief and a level of privacy. They are not expected to work twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. If possible, family members should provide short breaks for the caregiver throughout the week. If family members are not able to do so, then the caregiver can schedule time off with our office, as needed. We do not have a written policy regarding break times, as each family and each caregiver’s needs are unique. However, we do work with families and caregivers to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

* Private sleeping arrangements
An important preparation for a live-in caregiver is a separate sleeping area, a place to store their clothes and, preferably, also a separate toilet and washroom. Live-in caregivers require adequate sleep so they can perform their duties properly. Caregivers should bring their own pillows, blankets and toiletries. Clients should allow caregivers personal time to shower and care for themselves each day.

* Pleasant Surroundings
It’s good if you can supply a TV and comfortable chair so the caregiver has a separate area to relax. Internet access is also considered essential by most Live-in-caregivers so they can keep in touch with family, friends and healthcare professionals.

* Storage Space and Refrigeration for Caregiver’s meals
Live-in caregivers are responsible for buying their own food and preparing their own meals. Storage and refrigeration should be available for the caregiver’s use. Clients may invite the caregiver to share a meal with them, if they choose to.

* To Know the Rules of the House
The client or other family members living in the home may have certain house rules for the caregiver to abide by. These should be made clear as soon as possible. Rules relating to listening to music, using the Internet, watching television, the temperature of the home, where it is acceptable to eat, and other rules and customs should be agreed upon in advance, in order to help the caregiver adjust properly and respect the family’s boundaries.

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